This website provides the up to date information on course material, exercises and announcements about Network security.

This course is developed while we go and the students will play a big part in it.

Content will be added gradually.

1. Weekly program.

1.1. Information Security.

Week 1. Introduction on the Theory of information security. Why do we do all this. This CIA thingy (Attributes of Infromation secutrity), what is it about.

1.2. Symmetric encryption and Message Confidentiallity

Week 2. Encryption intro, a bit of history and basic principles.

Urls to visits and study.

Youtube videos to watch.

Book to study: Crypto 101

1.3. Public Key Encrytion

Week 3. Public Key encryption.

1.4. Wireless security

Week 5. Wireless Security.

1.5. Sandboxing

Week 6. Sand boxing.

1.6. Management Wrap Up

Week 7. Management wrap up.

Sheets on management wrapup